Lance Parker

Lance Parker is a professional soccer player and a friend.  He does some modeling work in the off-season.  We met a couple years ago when I was casting for a magazine fashion story, and Lance was simply the only choice I could have made.  He is extraordinary. We have taken lots of photos since that day, and I was flattered when he called me recently and asked me if I would take his photo for Cosmopolitan’s Bachelor of the Year contest. There are times when Lance is particularly feeling in good shape, which is kind of funny because he is in the kind of physical condition that is only achieved by athletes of the highest caliber.  But it was one of those times when Lance suggested we take some photos.  This is what we came up with.  We were outside, on a quiet beach, and I had a light with me, which I don’t usually use. I put up a canvas drop cloth, and we did a few photos. There was no wardrobe to use, as you can see, so Lance “wore” the backdrop, which was blowing all around him.  I think the photos look great, and so I am happy to share them.  When I am photographing someone that looks like Lance, sometimes the best thing is the least thing.

2 thoughts on “Lance Parker

  1. Wow. I would have never guessed from the lighting that this was an impromptu outdoor shoot.

    The model is beautiful from his jawline to his biceps to … everywhere. I bet his feet are gorgeous. There should be a local ordinance prohibiting him from wearing clothes. Or having a tan line.

  2. What a phenomenal photo shoot! The subject is amazing, but the whole effect on the viewer is mesmerizing. The unadorned body and the lack of props is a wonderful idea. This smart, charming and handsome young man should go far as a model in the future, particularly if a talent such as yours takes the photos. Thanks!

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